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Basic Info

Model No.: YPG

Product Description


Uniform Granule Granulating Tower Description
Pressure type pressure atomizer spray drying granulating machine is adopted with the aid of the diaphragm pump pressure will solution or slurry material atomized into small droplets, the significant increase in surface area, through full heat exchange with hot air to dry rapidly (more than ten seconds to tens of seconds), powder or tiny particles of product equipment is obtained.
Uniform Granule Granulating Tower Features
Low fast drying speed, especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials:
Low income products for spherical particles, particle size uniform, fluidity, good solubility, high purity and good quality;
Low using range is wide, can undertake hot air drying, granulation, also can undertake cooling granulating, spray, spray reaction, etc.
Low echo can be equipped with powder, then wet the agglomeration system, meet the requirements of users for material particle size.
Low stable operation simple, easy to control, easy to realize automation operation, product particle size, bulk density, moisture within a certain range can be adjusted.
Uniform Granule Granulating Tower Application
In food, medicine, chemical industry, dye, ceramic, chemical, pesticide, plastic, etc used with appropriate liquid liquid.